Prairiebaby Mercy Spring Frost PP
Gold eyed White, Poly
Our beautiful fellow, Frosty, who is a treasure in every
way.  All four feet are poly and extra huge so he stands
out to everyone. Plus, he is super affectionate and
always wanting loving! He is easy to care for and easy to
adore. Thank you Judith for such a darling fellow for our
Genetic HCM test negative,
HD prelim @ 9 mo...Good
Sire: Prairiebaby Hope Springs Eternal P
"Whalebear P"
Gold eyed white, HCM neg, 18 mo
OFA "Good"
Dam: Prairiebaby Rest in  Fields of
"Charlotte", Black
HCM neg, 14 mo
OFA: Good
Grandsire: Prairiebaby Plowman Songs of
"Coldoldbear", Gold eyed white,
HCM neg. 4yrs of age, OFA "Excellent"
Grandsire: Prairiebaby Ambassador of Grace
"Brock", Silver tabby/white
HCM negative 19 mo, & 4 yrs
OFA prelim 6mo. "Fair"
Granddam: Prairiebaby Fall Into You P
"Dolly P", Brown mkl tabby/white
OFA, "Good"
Granddam: Prairiebaby Rest in His Shadow
"Haley", Blue mkl tabby/white
HCM negative, age 4, OFA "Good"