Our Baby rooms....
In our home we bought in Georgia, there are many beautiful rooms. The one who
chose for the kitten's main room is on side of kitchen, hooked on to screened-in in
back porch room and a laundry room. This room has many shelves and cabinets for
supplies and wooden shutters to allow light or not. They have 2 large picture windows
to sit on post and watch all the fun outside. There is also a broom closet to keep
many of the cleaning supplies. It works perfect. We put our craft table in there so we
can sit (no chair yet) and comb and play with them also. We love this set up.

For our birthing mama's and little babies, we chose a small bedroom upstairs. It is
more quiet and secluded and has a bedroom attached to where i can stay if i am
waiting for one of my girls to deliver babies. There is no radio in there yet, but hoping
to get some type of music there soon. Right now our girl Jorah is in there with her 2
children and it is working perfect. we can keep the babies in their little penned in area
during potty training (4 weeks that starts and usually is done within a week or two )