Monorcoons Finds Great Treasure
      Gold eye White    F3 female
SIRE: Behold You Raise Me Up, "Bomba"
Silver mackerel tabby, F3
36% top 5 & 8% inbreeding

HCM echo: normal at age 1
DAM: Praylyne Creation Beauty, "Olivia"
GE White, F2
1.5% inbreeding & 8.25% top 5

HCM echo: normal at age 1
Psalm 119: 162
I rejoice at Your word, as one
who finds great treasure.
Grandsire: Behold When God's People Pray, "Eustace"

Granddam: Kumskaka My Hope is in You, "Hope"
Grandsire: Behold Our Lord Reins, "Ollie"

Granddam: Creation Dawn of Praylyne,
Jorah is all my lines but bred/mixed
by sweet Suzi in Hungary. This is a
lovely girl in every way and I say
thank you for the sweet gift! Jorah is
a fantastic Maine Coon girl, best of
both parents. I am happy to have her
be part of our family.