Are you sure where you will spend eternity?
God made the plan very simple BUT He did make a plan.
We hope you will read the info below and study this amazing photo we found on a site. The
choice is yours! Ignorance or laziness is not a defense...the evidence of God is all around you
and has been there since the very beginning...
There are 2 sides to everything. A right
side and a wrong side. In this world we
live in sometimes those choices are hard
to  determine, UNLESS you know God
and His word. We are told whatever we
need to know for whatever situation we
find for ourselves in His word, the Bible.
The plan of your salvation is very simple.
You are either on God's side, or you are
not. There is no middle road, no other
religion, no good works or good life. God
says you must be 'born again'. You need
to only repent of your present life and
admit you are a sinner, admit that Jesus
Christ paid your penalty for that sin and
through Him, you are saved. Being born
again is simply turning from your life you
live in now and becoming a new inner
person through Jesus.
If you are not born again, you cannot enter heaven. You cannot live a good life helping others and praying
prayers, going to a church, and lighting candles and doing rituals you see as important....None of this will
get you to heaven... You must be born again. Jesus MUST live within you. You don't have to understand
everything, just live by faith and accept it to be true cause God said so.
If you are not born again when you die, you will go to hell. Hell is not a party place full of people with hot fire around like the media makes fun with. The
bible tells us there will be 'weeping and gnashing of teeth'.  You will not see others but just hear their cries. You will suffer every day for eternity and know
that you had a chance to live in glory. DON'T live a selfish short life here on earth. This life you lead here is just a training time. Learn to love the Lord,
learn to love others, learn to do HIS will for your life. If you do this before you die, you will live in a perfect place WITH God! Man has never seen God,
except in the face of Jesus who was in an earthly man's body. But some day we will be there and be with the
creator of all. The author of all there was
and is and is to come.
Just remember this....Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me". There is no heaven without Jesus.
Man has been denying this since the beginning of time. Man has been living his own life and making up his own gods by being selfish and self centered.  
God told you all you need to know, learn it here, now....before your time is over here. There will be no second chances once you are gone.
To get saved say a prayer to God...ask Him to forgive you all your sins and that you are sorry for your selfish life. Tell Him you want to repent and have
Jesus live within you.  God will not turn you away and you will see changes every day in your life. You cannot change by yourself...your human side (with
the devils help)  will keep going back to the selfish ways time and time again. Just keep asking God for help, ask Jesus to show you better ways and to
love you beyond measure. You will never be the same. Your hope for your future will grow beyond measure AND you will start to find an inner peace
this world cannot give. Do not fret or worry over the happenings of this world...look up. Jesus will return soon and if you want to be part of His royal
family, you must join the family NOW. Do not delay, we are praying for you!
If you have questions PLEASE email us. We will do our best to help you out.  If you need prayers, ask
us. We have many stories of miracles in our own lives, the hard paths we have had to walk but the
victories we have found in the end. God will let you walk through hard times but do not be afraid. He
will be with you and will help you learn that lesson in life. You will come out a better person. Sometimes
its not fun going through these trials, but God knows our future path and we must trust HIS plan.
God Bless you for reading all of this and we will pray for your salvation. We hope you will join the
royal family soon! A bumper sticker said it all..."the benefits are out of this world!"
May God bless,
John and Phyllis Stiebens