Behold PP Show Me Your Ways Lord
              Blue mackerel tabby poly paw
When Terra had her litter from Bennet, there were 2
females and I chose the solid blue at first. But as
the babies started to grow, this  young lady chose
me. She followed me all the time and would always
be so happy to just be near me. My heart was
stolen! Shjon is a very special young lady who is
part of the family now. Her pretty solid blue sister
went to a new family and adopted them, so all is well!
Nordic Breed PP We All Need Jesus
Blue mackerel tabby  poly paw
Kumskaka All Creation Sings Glory
Show me your ways O Lord.
Teach me Your paths. Lead me
in Your truth and teach me for
You are the God of my
salvation; on You I wait all the
Psalm 25:4-5
Hillsong has a lovely song that was running in my mind
daily while I was thinking of a registered name for my
sweet Shjon girl. Here are words from this lovely song
of theirs:

"Show me Your ways, that I may walk with you
Show me Your ways, I put my trust in you
The cry of my heart is to love You more
To live with the touch of Your hand
Stronger each day, Show me Your ways!"